True Temper Elevate ETS 95 Iron Shafts .370"

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Lightweight shafts designed to increase launch angle often have additional droop and lag, leading to more off-center strikes and wider shot dispersion. Elevate ETS 95 utilizes True Temper’s Variable Wall Technology to increase wall thickness in the tip section, providing an extra-long reinforced tip section (30% longer than original Elevate) to promote Enhanced Tip Stability (ETS). This enhanced tip stability allows for more consistent strikes and a tighter shot dispersion from a high launching/spinning shaft. Elevate ETS 95 features proprietary vibration dampening VSS technology.

True Temper’s proprietary Vibration Suppression System (VSS) reduces unwanted shaft vibrations from contact. There are two models of VSS technology: standard VSS which reduces 71% of harsh vibration from contact—producing the softest feel in golf and VSS Pro, which dampens 56% of harsh vibrations from contact while still maintaining the critical shot feedback demanded by accomplished players.


    • ETS (Enhanced Tip Stability), which is created by a lengthening of the variable wall in the tip section by 30% over the original Elevate.
    • The reinforced tip section and the shorter tip to first step distance produces a more consistent strike while maintaining the higher trajectory performance that benefits a broad range of players.
    • Features VSS Technology, reducing unwanted vibration by 71% while producing the softest feel in golf.
    • For players seeking a stable, lightweight steel iron shaft that produces a higher trajectory with mid to high spin.
    • Tip Trimming Instructions:
      • 2i: 0.0"
      • 3i: 0.5"
      • 4i: 1.0"
      • 5i: 1.5"
      • 6i: 2.0"
      • 7i: 2.5"
      • 8i: 3.0"
      • 9i: 3.5"
      • W: 4.0"

            True Temper Elevate MPH 85 Specs:

              • R-Flex
                • Butt: .600"
                • Tip: .370"
                • Weight: 97g
                • Length: 40.5"
                • Bend Point: Low
                • Parallel Tip Section: 14"
                • Rating: 3B3H
                  • Swing Speed: 77-92mph
                  • Focus on Control and Distance
                  • High Trajectory
                  • Assists with a Hook
              • S-Flex
                • Butt: .600"
                • Tip: .370"
                • Weight: 98g
                • Length: 40.5"
                • Bend Point: Low
                • Parallel Tip Section: 12"
                • Rating: 4B3H
                  • Swing Speed: 93-107mph
                  • Focus on Control and Distance
                  • High Trajectory
                  • Assists with a Hook