True Temper Binary Iron Shafts .355"

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The True Temper Binary shafts allow you to no longer compromise performance when choosing between steel or graphite iron shafts but instead maximizes performance by providing you with steel where you want it and graphite where you need it! Binary is the first steel and graphite combo set that allows for multiple set makeups by offering different shaft material options (steel or graphite) in the #6, #7 and #8 irons. This allows each golfer to choose, based on their needs, where they want their steel to graphite transition to happen and gives them the power to create a set personalized to fit their game. Binary is a highly engineered set of steel and graphite shafts that are perfectly designed for each other by maintaining frequency, balance point and flight characteristics between the steel and graphite shafts to provide a seamless transition when switching between the two shaft materials. Reference the chart below the specs for your recommended Binary set makeup.

Designed to maximize performance throughout the entire set by utilizing the unique characteristics in steel and graphite and matching them within the set to the player's ability and the individual clubs within each set.

Set Makeup Suggestions

  1. #7 Iron Carry Distance (Under 115 Yards) - #3-#8 graphite, #9-Wedges steel
  2. #7 Iron Carry Distance (115 to 129 Yards) - #3-#7 graphite, #8-Wedges steel
  3. #7 Iron Carry Distance (130 to 144 Yards) - #3-#6 graphite, #7-Wedges Steel
  4. #7 Iron Carry Distance (145 Yards Plus) - #3-#5 graphite, #6-Wedges steel

Note: The .370" tip diameter graphite shafts also work great in 3, 4 and 5 hybrids when building out your set.

      • No Tip Trimming, Butt cut to length only

              True Temper Binary Specs:

                • Graphite (3-8)
                  • Butt: .600"
                  • Tip: .355"
                  • Weight: 73g
                  • Length: 37.5"-40.0"
                  • Bend Point: Low
                  • Rating: 3B3M
                    • Swing Speed: Up To 92 mph
                    • Focus on Control and Distance
                    • High Trajectory
                    • No Swing Correction Assist
                • Steel (6-W)
                  • Butt: .600"
                  • Tip: .355"
                  • Weight: 88g
                  • Length: 36.5"-38.5"
                  • Bend Point: Low
                  • Rating: 3B3H
                    • Swing Speed: Up To 92 mph
                    • Focus on Control and Distance
                    • High Trajectory
                    • Assists with a Hook