Super Stroke Traxion Wrap Swing Golf Grip

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The outrageously comfortable new Traxion Wrap is a polyurethane, wrap-style grip that’s designed to offer the complete package. It’s soft. It’s tacky. It’s stable. And it offers great feedback.

The Traxion Wrap is also significantly more durable than the competition. So go ahead… hit another bucket. This grip is made to go further than the rest.


  • Taper Control Technology is engineered to create a larger lower hand profile reducing taper to minimize grip pressure
  • Lighter grip pressure increases clubhead speed for greater distance and promotes a square face at impact maximizing swing efficiency
  • Tacky Polyurethane outer layer for a comfortable feel
  • Firm rubber inner layer for torsional performance
  • Geo-Speed Channels are geometrically designed to reduce grip pressure, optimizing energy transference and maximizing speed at impact
 Size Core Weight
Undersize .600" 36g
Standard .600" 49g
Midsize .600" 50g
Oversize .600" 53g