Lamkin SINKFIT Deep-V Putter Grip

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With a classic and traditional pistol shape, SINKFIT Pistol Poly combines a polyurethane sleeve design over lightweight under-listing and optimized surface traction for a putter grip that feels as good as it performs. Great for players with an arc-to-straight putting stroke utilizing a traditional overlap, reverse overlap, or cross-handed putting grip style and who prefer the feel and weight of polyurethane.


  • Upgraded proprietary Fingerprint Technology featuring a consistent micro-texture pattern for outstanding grip comfort with lighter surface traction
  • Midsize grip with the soft feel of polyurethane but the weight of smaller rubber grips
  • Traditional pistol shape with a subtle contour in the back of the grip make it an excellent tool to encourage a smoother arc and arc-to-straight putting strokes
       Size Core Weight
      .580" 66g
      Midsize .580" 77g