KBS Tour Driven White Graphite Wood Shafts .335"

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The KBS TD Driver/Wood Shaft is a lighter and stiffer Driver/Wood shaft that has the characteristics of the original KBS feel, efficiency, and optimization of spin and launch that the KBS product line is known for. It is a Mid Launch/Low Spin Performance Graphite golf shaft that optimizes the maximum performance and efficiency of spin and launch angles at various swing speeds.

“The KBS TD is the culmination of my years of shaft design being put into the most exciting club in your bag. The KBS TD will change the way you look at Driver/Wood shafts.” – Kim Braly

  • Mid Launch/Low Spin
  • Tighter ball flight for more consistent dispersion and performance
  • Optimized Spin Rate /Launch for More Distance
  • Designed with KBS Butt to Tip Energy Transfer Performance
  • Higher Torque Stiffness
      DR 3W 5W 7W 9W
    Tip Trim 0" 1.0" 1.5" 1.75" 1.75"


    TD White Specs:

    • Trajectory: High
    • Kickpoint: Low
    • Tip: .335"
    • Length: 46"
    • Parallel Tip Section: 4"
      40 Series
      • Senior:
        • Torque: 5.2°
        • Weight: 46g
        • Butt: .605"
        • Rating: 2D3S
          • Swing Speed: 63-76 mph
          • Focus on Distance
          • Assists with a Slice
      • Regular:
        • Torque: 5.1°
        • Weight: 47g
        • Butt: .605"
        • Rating: 3B2S
          • Swing Speed: 77-92 mph
          • Focus on Control and Distance
          • Assists with a Slice