Golf Mechanix Torque Limited Mini Shaft Vise

Regular price $39.99

The torque limited shaft vise model is well suited for working working on super light weight shafts which can be easily crushed when too much pressure is applied. The knob is calibrated for 1ft/lb of torque, which is sufficient for most jobs.

A compact shaft vise design well suited for clamping a shaft anywhere along its length with or without a grip. It is well suited for trimming shafts manually, Installing grips and spinning shafts.

This clamp can also be used to build a homemade shaft deflection board, torque tester and many other jury rigged contraption where having a dependable clamp is a must.

Key Features:

  • Nested V clamp in a small footprint
  • Rigid all aluminium construction
  • Good for trimming, spinning and gripping
  • Torque limited version for handling light weight shafts
  • Bolts down to a bench or can be held in a bench vise