Super Stroke S-Tech Cord Swing Golf Grips

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Major Feedback. Major Performance.

The swing grip of choice for Jordan Spieth and Sergio Garcia, the S-Tech™ is designed for golfers who demand the ultimate in feedback and control.

We created this performance-driven grip with a premium engineered rubber compound that provides just the right amount of softness and tack. Then we added Cross-Traction, a refined surface texture that offers incredible non-slip performance and ensures the S-Tech™ delivers in all weather conditions.


  • Tour proven S-Tech Cord grips made from premium rubber compound for excellent feel and feedback
  • Signature Cross Traction surface texture for increased control of the golf club while providing a non-slip surface in all weather conditions
  • The grip of choice for Jordan Spieth and Sergio Garcia among others
  • A blend of highly engineered rubber compounds to deliver a tacky feel combined with ultimate feedback
  • CROSS-TRACTION surface texture provides an incredible non-slip surface in all weather conditions, maximizing performance
 Size Core Weight
Standard .600" 50.5g