Brampton HF-100 Grip Solvent

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HF-100 was first introduced in 1997 and was chemically engineered for the sole purpose of safely installing golf grips.  The solution was designed to activate the adhesives on the grip tape allowing the grip to be easily installed.  Before its introduction, highly flammable and toxic solvents, such as gasoline, naphtha and rubber cement were the norm.  These products not only emitted harmful fumes but were easily absorbed through the skin.

In fact HF stands for Hazard Free.  During its development over 100 attempts were created before the current formula was achieved.  HF-100 is not only safe but is also able to be shipped without any restrictions.

HF-100 is nonflammable, non-toxic, non-ozone depleting, low VOC blend of surfactants, emollients, isoparaffins, and water.  It is completely ODC free and proper use can reduce VOC emission by up to 70% and has a slower evaporation rate that minimizes ventilation requirements.

When used as directed, HF-100 is a very economical solution, and requires 60% less volume than standard solvents to adequately activate the tape.  It is also odorless and colorless and works with any double sided grip tape.

HF-100 can also be used to install grips on a variety of different products, from bike and motorcycle grips, ski poles etc.