All-Purpose Grip Solvent

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The GolfWorks Pro-Blend Grip Solvent was designed for high volume shops and hobbyist, providing easy installation, easy clean up and shorter turnaround time. Over a year in development, the Pro-Blend solvent is a Naphtha based solvent preferred by professional assemblers that allows for easy installation of ANY type of grip. The Pro-Blend is a low odor solvent that dries much quicker than other solvents and is a great for epoxy clean up and general purpose cleaning.


  • Easy installation of ALL grip materials and types
  • Excellent cleaning solvent - Ideal for epoxy cleanup during assembly
  • Can be reused over and over again
  • Quick dry times – grips can be used in less than an hour
  • Naphtha based formula
  • Available in 8oz., quart and gallon bottles
  • Easy pour spout available for the 8oz. bottle (VB1035CAP)
  • Spray Nozzle available for the quart bottle (VBSP)


Note: Cannot be shipped by air freight - Gallon containers may require additional shipping due to weight